Construction Window Cleaning Basics

Post construction window cleaning involves some of the most difficult challenges in the window cleaning industry today. Although most builders do make an attempt to protect windows during construction, many fail to accomplish this goal, leaving the window cleaner to deal with how to best remove construction debris (plaster, paint, texture, concrete, tape, stickers) and anything else that come into contact with the glass.

Construction window cleaners already realize this type of window cleaning is very challenging, with special training and cleaning techniques being required to safely remove construction debris from glass. This type of window cleaning often includes the use of razor blades and glass scrapers, and at times specialized soaps, chemicals and solvents.

It is well known by construction window cleaners that razor blades and glass scrapers alone will not scratch uncoated glass when properly used; the use of such tools has been the industry standard for decades. Razor blades and scrapers have been employed by not just the window cleaning industry, but are also widely used throughout the glass industry.


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