What Is Hard Water?

Hard water deposits are derived from water that contains a high mineral content.

This type of water usually consists of magnesium and calcium along with other compounds.

These mineral compounds are collected and dissolved into the water as it passes through the ground. The problem is that the hard water will evaporate from a surface such as a wall or window leaving behind its unwanted deposits that are known as calcium or lime scale. You may not even notice the deposits starting to build and might just put it off as a dirty window. If unnoticed, these deposits will start to build into a thick white layer of crust. As the build-up continues, it will give your windows an undesirable hazy bullet proof like texture. Mineral deposits are fairly easy to remove during the beginning stages, but over time, the deposits will slowly ETCH into the pores of the glass and in addition can become baked on by the hot sun. Once this happens, it can be virtually impossible to remove the deposits without damaging the surface that it’s adhered to.

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