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…We Also Do Gutter Cleaning!

Honest Window & Carpet Cleaning

Honest Window & Carpet Cleaning provides residential and commercial window cleaning to our customers throughout the Rogue Valley. Give us a call today and let us help you simplify your life and make your home or business more enjoyable.

Are you looking for a Southern Oregon Window & Carpet Cleaning Company who can provide you with the cleanest windows and carpets all year round and the highest level of customer service?… your search is over!

Our services include exceptional cleaning of exterior windows, thoroughly making sure that there are no streaks. The outside windows are often higher than someone can normally reach to properly clean them, you don’t need to fret with our services. We have a specialized water fed pole system that extends up to 45 feet making the chore of those hard to reach windows a breeze to get clean.

Next our professional window washers will wash the interior of the windows making sure that the interior of the window sparkles and is clear with no streaks. We also clean the window sill as part of the cleaning so they are completely clean.

Customer Reviews



June 10 at 3:37pm
Anthony washed the windows of Mercedes-Benz of Medford today and they sparkle! Great job, very meticulous! We highly recommend Honest Window Cleaning!!!!

April Strouse

September 23 at 2:50pm
Anthony is professional, courteous, and did a great job! I will be scheduling him yearly! Thanks Anthony!


Lithia Honda

September 23 at 2:50pm
There is simply no better window cleaning company in the U.S.! They bid the job upfront and are very competitive and then follow thru with remarkable quality and timeliness. Thanks Honest Window Cleaning!

Additional Services

Window Cleaning

We use a specialized squeegee and soap that leaves your windows shining like new. We also make sure to clean the window sills, and clean the screens.

Carpet Cleaning

Clean carpets keeps your home more comfortable and also helps stop the spread of germs. Our carpet cleaning techniques surpass the competition.

Moss Cleaning

We can help you get rid of that moss from your roof, helping improve its life.

Solar Panels

Help your solar panels generate the most energy by keeping them clean.

Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning gutters is most likely the most dangerous cleaning job for a homeowner.

Window washing commercial buildings can be an overwhelming job for most window washers since many businesses like automotive dealers, strip malls and retail clothing have an abundance of windows that make it challenging to do a proficient cleaning. Additionally we use deionized water helping the cleaning of the windows inside and out almost trouble-free.

At Honest Window & Carpet Cleaning, we like to say that our ability to satisfy the auto dealer industry proves we can get almost any window looking the cleanest in town. Commercial window cleaning is a job that has to please everyone and that includes the customers or clients that that business attracts. No one likes to do business at the store with the dirtiest windows. It makes you think, what else is dirty inside that building…