Carpet Cleaning

Honest Window & Carpet Cleaning

Using state-of-the-art ‘hot water extraction’ process to clean the carpets in your home or business.

High-End Profession Equipment

Our commitment to using the best equipment possible and dedication to use environmentally friendly cleaning products,we ensure your carpets are left looking clean with less drying time.

High-Pressure Steam

Our cleaning involves a process where hot water and steam are sprayed into the carpet under a high pressure, while a superior vacuum system extracts the water.

Best Method to Reduce Allergens

Also extracting dirt particles, dust, allergens, odors and stains providing the most thorough cleaning of your carpet possible. This process also restores the fibers and leaves your carpets cleaner and softer.

Best Carpet Cleaning Method

Recognized as the most thorough carpet cleaning method and additionally it is recommended by most carpet manufacturers to extend the life and warranty of your carpets.

Spots & Odors Removed

We pay close attention to any spots, stains, odors, and heavy traffic areas that may need additional attention.

Other Cleaning Services for the Exterior of your Home

Steam Cleaning Your Carpets vs Dry Cleaning

Steam cleaning is the superior way to clean your carpets.

  1. The steam produced by professional steam cleaning equipment does not contain any aroma, making steam cleaning the best option for cleaning carpets of families with issues with allergies.
  2. It is the most effective way to kill bacteria and eliminate odors produced by dirt and grime.
  3. Steam cleaning doesn’t leave a residue.
  4. Steam cleaning removes mold and pet odors with additional applications better than dry cleaning. .

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