Window Washing & Hard Water Removal

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Our professional window cleaners clean both the inside and outside of your windows. We use a specialized squeegee soap that leaves your windows shining like new. Our expert window cleaners also wipe down each of those window sills. Another extra, while cleaning the outside of the window, we also take the screens out brush them clean and put them back. For an additional charge, we can clean the window tracks.

We are the areas best window cleaners and we do so much more!

Commercial & Residential Window Cleaners

For our residential clients we recommend cleaning your windows at least every 6 months. For commercial clients we have special deals from monthly cleanings to quarterly cleanings.

Do you have tall or hard to reach windows? That is not a problem, we use a water fed pole system that uses deionized water. Deionized water is very pure water, since it has zero ions, otherwise known as the salts and minerals. When you take out the minerals it gives us excellent purified water that allows superior cleaning. Our deionized water is used in the water fed pole system that extends up to 45 feet in the air. This allows us the ability to clean your windows while standing safely on the ground.


Hard Water Stains

Our specialty is removing hard water stains from your windows. When it rains or your sprinklers hit the windows over and over again the minerals start to build up and form hard water spots.Water stains can be a pain staking chore to try to remove. However, we use a special chemical that removes most hard water stains. Please call us for your free estimate.

For residential clients we recommend cleaning your windows a minimum of every 6 months.

For our commercial clients our recommendation is once a month, but you can have them clean either more or less often.

Do you have tall windows? That’s not a problem with our use of a water fed pole system that uses deionized water. This system extends 45 feet in the air, allowing us to clean your windows while standing safely on the ground.

Construction Window Cleaning

Honest Window & Carpet Cleaning can also do construction cleanup on your windows. The windows after being installed still have the labeling and stickers from the window manufacturers. It is also likely that those windows have, paint, caulking and surely are very dirty from the environment of construction. If you are a new home or business construction company looking for expert window cleaners, then look no further than Honest Window & Carpet Cleaning for the very best construction site window cleaning.

We provided all new construction cleanup for the new Lithia buildings here in Medford.

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