Solar Panel Cleaning

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Professional solar panel cleaning. Are your solar panels looking dull and in need of a cleaning? It is wise to make sure they are clean and taking complete advantage of the suns rays.

Using the highest quality deionized with hog hair bristles and carbon filter poles results in the cleanest solar panels in town. Deionized water makes sure that you won’t have any water spots or calcium buildup after the cleaning.

The sun is hard on those solar panels and when the sun, dirt, moss and other debris cover the panels, they won’t work to their full potential.


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How Your Solar Panel Create Electricity

Solar panels work when photons, or particles of light, hit the thin layer of silicon on the top of a solar panel. A reaction happens, knocking electrons off the silicon atoms and a PV charge that creates an electric current, which is captured by the wiring in solar panels.

Improve Your Solar Panel Efficiency

When there is dirt on your solar panels, it reduces how much light that is reaching the silicon, reducing efficiency. Cleaning your solar panels reduces dust, and debris, that reduces the solar panel’s efficiency.

Hire Honest Window Cleaning & Carpet Cleaning to regularly maintain your solar panels and you will keep dirt, dust and other debris from building up on the surface of your solar panels.